Mapmaking Portfolio

Here is a varied sampling of my work over the last 30 years.


Road map of Cochise County, Arizona (152 k)

This is a typical regional road map, which leads off a set of city street maps. It shows highways, main roads, towns, National Forests, counties and major points of interest. The black & white shaded relief background adds a physical dimension. Outlines show the more detailed maps (not in this portfolio).


Street Map of Portland, Oregon

Street map of Downtown Portland, Oregon (192 k)

Standard street map in a dense downtown area. All streets are shown, as well as significant points of interest. Most of my map production is at street-level detail.


St Lucia road map (152 k) Large version (320 k)

Produced for both paper and web, this series has included nearly all the Caribbean islands. I draw the basemaps, and the client adds in their own points of interest.

Potential clients please note that the Caribbean basemap series is owned by the original client and is not available for use. If you are interested in using these maps, contact FYI, map sources for the Caribbean islands are hard to obtain and therefore mapmaking for this area is difficult. Thanks.




American Girls map
(44 k)

This project was for Pleasant Company’s American Girls doll collection. The maps were for a education-related product. There were five Girls at that time, and my daughter had two; she enjoyed seeing maps made for the specific history of each girl. This map was for Addy, the African-American girl from Philadelphia, showing the neighborhood where she grew up.


Public School locater map (136 k)

A small page-size condensation of three larger folding maps, to hand out to the public. Note the use of leader lines to connect labels to symbols in tight areas.


EEM Bike map (Elroy, Wisconsin panel) (40 k) Large version (56 k)

In the early 1990’s I made a small series of self-published bicycle guidemaps for Wisconsin State Trail Parks. Each map had 13 panels like these, plus two smaller-scale maps, a legend, and an overall view. The research included riding the trails in each direction.



Bike map (20 k)

In the 1970’s while still in college, I made a series of bicycle guidemaps for The Spoke bike shop in Boulder, Colorado. These were drawn with Rapidograph™ pens and french curves, with typeset labels stuck on with wax. Ahhh, the good old days. They sold well and were reprinted, as I remember.


Airport diagram of Tucson International Airport, Arizona (136 k)

This airport diagram is oriented to the person as they enter the terminal. Note the street map at the bottom is aligned with the terminal. North is rotated way around, but I feel that secondary to the userŐs needs of finding their way relative to their entrance.


Gig Harbor, Washington (32 k)

One of seven small maps highlighting popular places around Tacoma, WA. Done for the Tacoma visitor’s bureau.



Woodalls Campground map of Alabama (132 k)

This design began in the mid-1980’s during the scribing and wax stick-up era. The purpose is to show towns with Woodalls’ approved campgrounds. I used their corporate “W” Diamond and a bold italic typeface to highlight the towns. The design survives and the maps are still annually updated.


Peninsula State Park, Wisconsin (12 k)

Designed for a client who produces photographic greeting cards. This was printed on the back.


Historical China (28 k)

A map from a series for an academic client for his book.



Knappa, Oregon (120 k)

A minister in this locale saw my map in his phonebook, saw a few errors (No!), and passed along the corrections. He also needed a wall map for the church, so returning the favor, I made him this, considerably fancier than the original. It was well received. I was redeemed.


Berthoud Pass, Colorado Ski Area map (132 k)

Hand painted in gouache and overlayed with text and linework. This was a small pocket map for skiers to carry.


Cuba shaded relief map (20 k)

My client wanted a map of Cuba for their Web Site. I suggested a color shaded relief map as a background. Hand-drawn shaded relief was out of the budget, and there are no large-scale DEMs of Cuba available (at least to me for free), so I made my own height map from a large topographic map using a digitizing tablet. This was used in Photoshop with rendered lighting, and the coloration was added.




Mount Sopris, Colorado (108 k)

A hand-drawn pencil sketch of Mount Sopris, above Carbondale, Colorado. Used for my first official brochure in 1985.



California shaded relied map (80 k)

Pencil sketch on mylar. A special felt stick (tortillion) was used to smooth out the pencil lines to soften the tones. Original size 15" x 18".



Bidwell-Bartleson Expedition, Western United States (72 k)

The illustrative cartographer Erwin Raisz (“Royce”) is mimicked here in a map of the Bidwell-Bartleson Expedition (1841) for the endpapers of a book.




Glenwood Canyon, Colorado shaded relief map (128 k)

A client was doing a guidebook/mapbook of the beautiful Glenwood Canyon in Colorado and asked me to do the backgrounds. This is the table of contents page. The Hanging Lake map below is from the same guidebook.


Hanging Lake, Glenwood Canyon, Colorado (44 k)

A trail information sign for the US Forest Service. The map shows the trail up to Hanging Lake in Glenwood Canyon, Colorado.



Shoreline Bicycle Tour, Michigan (189 k)

The Shoreline West bike tour is a great tour with scenic vistas, nice people and good food. I rode it one year and volunteered to do the maps for the next. We decided to put th cue sheet (written directions) right on the map, generally in the direction of the day's ride (except for this example which was an up-and-back).




Multi-county bike map, Iowa (144 k)

The client wanted to promote the area's business by providing a map for bicyclists. The fairly flat low-use roads are good for long day trips. The suitablilty of the roads was decided on personal knowledge, surface and traffic flow. The latter two were determined using Iowa Department of Transportation maps and data. Many roads are gravel and not suitable for roadies.



Santa Barbara area wineries, California (326 k)

This map was for a glossy promotional magazine for wineries in the mountainous area between Santa Maria and Santa Barbara. The client had a specific typeface in mind to go with the rest of the piece, and I wanted to bring out the colors of the landscape - both lush and arid.



Big Ugly Creek, West Virginia (102 k)

Author Lenore Coberly needed a hand-drawn look for a map in her novel about Big Ugly Creek. The name is said to refer (amongst other theories) to a large unattractive male resident a long time ago. Big Ugly Creek is actually quite beautiful, and I have a T-shirt which reads: "I'm with Big Ugly."

It was fun to draw a map manually instead of using the computer!



Lynnwood, Washington (1 k)

A government entity in the Seattle area uses a set of these maps on their web site to help people get to their various offices.



Cedar Rapids, Iowa (246 k)

This map shows school district boundaries on a street map. One side has the elementary schools, and the other has middle and high schools combined. The different colored areas are outlined in two thicknesses of colored line, which is a bit of a trick unless you have Freehand software (which makes it easy).



Fort Collins area, Colorado (399 k)

A real estate company needed a map to show the general locations of houses for sale. It had to be suppled in digital format so they could change the properties shown on a regular basis. The map also had to emphasize the mountains to the west, as they are a major draw.




Patent Art for the Digidrum (44 k)

One drawing of many for a patent of mine (a drum machine controller, US Patent 5,841,052). The linework and annotations must follow very strict rules or the patent is returned for correction.


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