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I welcome the challenge of making new geographic images, and exploring new methods of producing them.

Since 1977, I have made over a thousand maps for my clients who have included publishers of maps, directories, guidebooks, atlases, advertisements, presentations, web sites and displays.

The types of maps I’ve designed and produced encompass street and road maps (and indexes), political maps, thematic maps, recreation maps, bicycling maps, and terrain maps. Consult this page for an extensive listing of many different types of maps.

If you need a new map, I can design it from scratch, or redraw an existing map. Often the map may need to match or complement accompanying graphics. I will also be happy to work from specs provided by you.

Computer-based maps can have minor modifications made at the last minute (such as linework, type and color changes), and are also easily updated for subsequent editions.

My tools are primarily Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Freehand, Adobe Photoshop, ESRI ArcView, Global Mapper and a host of other programs, mainstream and alternative. Output is on Macintosh or PC platforms.

Explore my Map Portfolio.


The Design Process

My maps are carefully designed to look attractive and be accurate, speed your workflow, reproduce properly, and to engage the reader.

We begin by discussing all pertinent issues, from the map’s purpose and your budget, through the decisions of production.

More explicitly, the process works through the stages of:

  • assessing your needs and budget
  • finding sources
  • my design and cost
  • your approval of my design, time frame and cost
  • compiling all the related information
  • drawing and editing the map
  • proofing and reviewing
  • making any last-minute changes
  • getting your final approval
  • delivery on CD or over the Internet
  • making a safe backup copy of your map.



Your maps can be supplied in several ways. The preferred method for lithographic printing is EPS, PDF or TIFF. Output to traditional negatives or paper positives can be arranged at extra cost. For multimedia and the web we can export in GIF, JPEG and SWF. Delivery can be via email or FTP (our site or yours), or overnight delivery on a CD.


Request for Quote

My rates are very competitive: costs of maps can range from about $300 to $700 for an area highway map; a street map from $600 to $1000 including an index. I will design the map so you won’t buy mapmaking you don’t need.

The more specific you are about your needs when we first talk, the less expensive the map will be. To get an accurate quote, first think about a few questions on the Quote page, then call (608-233-9037) or email francis@eagleeyemaps.com.

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Map Editing

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Terrain Images

Shaded Relief Maps

Source Material Acquisition



Related Cartographic Services

Map Editing

I can inspect, cross-check and fact check, and edit your maps prior to publication to ensure the quality of your product. I offer a fresh set of experienced eyes to catch errors and even the sublest of design problems.


Design Review

Due to many years of planning and producing maps, I can help you with your map design and planning. Perhaps you need a review of an existing or forthcoming plan. If your business or department is new to mapmaking, I can help you to get off to a profitable and efficient start.


Terrain Images / Shaded Relief Maps

Way back when, I used to draw shaded relief by hand (pencil and airbrush) by interpreting the contour lines on a topo map. While I can still do this Swiss-style relief, a faster way has arrived in the form of Digital Elevation Models (DEM). I am experienced at making attractive terrain images with coloration and texture by combining the new digital methods with and the old manual techniques. Examples here.


Source Material Acquisition

More than ever, there is a bewildering array of map source material available; some suitable, some not. Let me find the maps you need for your project; maps which are most useful, free of copyright, and easily obtainable. I have close access to the University of Wisconsin - Madison Robinson Map Library if older paper maps and aerial photographs are needed.



For mapmakers, as an alternative to scanning paper basemaps for on-screen tracing, I offer a unique method of hand digitizing paper maps that are just too large to scan and screen trace economically. Maps up to 3’ by 4’ can be traced. Usually, the file sizes are much smaller than comparable digital GIS data, yet the final map can show intricate detail. Plus, there is no need for the tedious editing and deleting of tiny features found in GIS data. Issues such as feature displacement and generalization are dealt with as the map is digitized.




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